STA Program

Student Technology Assistant Program

Program Benefits

+  Increase opportunities for students to connect theory and practice through “real world” projects and experiences that strengthen the quality of student l learning.

+  A tiered student employment program.

+  Interested students will receive a promotion after passing technical exam to test their skills and a supervisor evaluation.

+  Each position tier will receive more responsibility and more training, in addition to higher rates of pay.

+  Great resume builder.

+  The opportunity to transfer to another program within IT.

+  Students will also be eligible to continue their work during the summer and receive additional training and experience working on technology projects.

Areas of Specialization:   

Helpdesk + Instructional Technology + Event Support
Provide technical support to students, faculty, and staff.
Support seniors in showcasing their independent study using digital abstracts.
Support faculty in integrating technology into the classroom.

Our Ideal Students:

+Dependable and Trustworthy
+Great Problem Solvers
+Come from a variety of majors and academic disciplines

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